The Power Of Love




A mighty force it is, this thing love, mighty and altogerther good; alone it takes the weight from every burden, alone it bears evenly the uneven load. It bears a burden as if no burden were there, makes the bitter things of life sweet and good to taste. To love Jesus is a wondrous thing; it urges men on to mighty deeds. Love often knows no limits; its impetuous fire leaps across every boundary. Love is ever on the watch; it rests, but does not slumber, is wearied but not spent, alarmed but not dismayed.


Let my love know no bounds; let me learn to taste with the lips of my inmost being how sweet it is to love, to melt in love’s  fire, to float on the waves of love. Love is swift, pure, dutiful, pleasant and agreeable; it is strong, patient, faithful, long-suffering, manly, never seeking its own advantage. Love is submissive and abedient to those in authority, mean and contemptible in its own regard. To God it is ever devout and thankful, ever trusting  and hoping in him even when it cannot tast his sweetness; for there is no living a life of love without sorrow.


The man who is not ready to endure everything and stand fast by the will of his Beloved does not deserve to be called a lover; a lover should be glad to welcome all sorts of hardship and bitterness for the sake of his Beloved, and never let himself turn away from him when things go against him. There is nothing sweeter than love, nothing atronger, nothing higher, nothing wider, nothing fuller, nothing better in heaven or earth; for love is born of God, and only in God, above all that he has created, can it find rest.        (The Imitation of Christ)

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