Novena to Mary Queen of our hearts


                                                              NOVENA TO MARY QUEEN OF OUR HEARTS


O Mary Queen of our Hearts, Advocate of most hopeless cases, Mother most pure, most compassionate, we confide to your care the favours we ask of you today. Consider our misery, our tears, our interior trials and sufferings. We hope that you can help us, through the merits of your divine Son, Jesus.

Conscious of your love and goodness to us day by day, we will try, as far as we are able, to spread your glory by making you more known and loved, especially under the tittle of Mary Queen of our Hearts.

Hear the prayers which we offer to you at your alter, where every day you give so many proofs of your love and your power to heal both body and souls. We hope against all hope. Ask Jesus to heal us, pardon us, and grant us the grace of faithful service to the end.

V.   O Mary Queen of our Hearts, Heal us:

R.   We have confidence in you. (three times)

Offer the Holy Eucharist in thanksgiving for blessings received.

Montfort house, Burbo-Bank, Liverpool


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