St Josephine Bakhita

                                                    St. Josephine Bakhita  Canossian Daughter of Charity

                                                                     FROM SLAVERY TO SAINTHOOD


St Josephine Bakhita ( 1869 – 1947 ) was born in Sundan in 1869 and died in Schio in 1947. She was sold and resold into slavery.

In Schio (Vicenza), where she spent many years of her life, everyone calls her “Our Black Mother”.  Divine Providence which “Cares for the flowers of the field and birds of the air” guided the Sudannese slave through innumerable and unspeakable sufferings to human freedom and to the freedom of faith, and finally to consecration of her whole life to God for the coming of his Kingdom.

On December 8, i896 Josephine Bakhita was consecrated forever to God whom she called with sweet expression “the Master”. On October 1, 2000 she was canonized and became Saint Josephine Bakhita.

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