St, Raphael


                                                                                                       St. RAPHAEL


St. Raphael whose name signifies “Medicine Of God” seems to be at the head of Angelic Medical Staff. His reputation as physician and as a guide of travelers is due to the story in Holy Writ which relates how he brought healing to the elder Tobias, released Sara from being molested by the devil and gave to the youthful pilgrim in his charge, safety, guidance and most noble companion-ship. The Archangel Raphael finally revealed himself to Tobias.

“I am Raphael one of the Seven Angels who stand ever ready to enter the presence of the glory of  the  Lord.”   {Tobit 12 : 15}

St. Raphael is the angel of peace, of health, and of joy. “Joy be to thee ,” always was his salutation to Tobias, He is the angel sent in God’s providence to guide and guard, to heal and save,

Oh, St, Raphael, Medicine of God, Angel of happy Meetings, of Peace and Joy, we beseech you, cure our infirmities of soul and body in virtue of the Divine Blood, source of all healing graces.

{Full story of St. Raphael: Book of Old Testament “Chapter 5 -  12″)





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