AL HEET in Sweda ( Syria )


                                 img115                                   AL HEET IN SWEDA ( SYRIA )


The above painting by Christ Himself shows oil flowing from an icon of Christ.

Thousands of pilgrims come to AL HEET village in Sweda, Syria, to bow down to an icon of Christ flowing Oil and to see a man whose body bears the stigmata.

The latter is called Nasser Khouris and is a worker in the construction of building/

Last Monday, he had a divine experience having his senses he saw Christ, the Apostles and Paradise. The people who visit his house wanted to verify with their own eyes the reality of the facts.

According to all accounts, articles written in Arabic and published photos and videos, the man really bears the signs of the Cross and open wounds. In addition, oil fiows miraculously from the Sacred Painting of a Crucifix Source.  


Dear friends, this is a better picture of the above story which is for you to download or print FREE to keep.

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