Prayer to the Holy Spirit


                                                                                                         PRAYER TO THE HOLY SPIRIT


Holy Spirit, speak through me, so all lost souls can plainly see, not my will, but God’s I seek, Your word’s are strong, where mine are weak.

Holy Spirit, teach me love, so those that hate can climb above. I know that love, it is the key, so this I pray, show love through me.

Holy Spirit, help me give, so those without, through You may live. To give to those who are in need, to share my goods but not in greed.

Holy Spirit, make me wise, feed me knowledge, my heart it cries. To understand what I don’t know, please make me wise, so I may grow.

Holy Spirit, help me trust, to lean on You, in times I must. My faith will  will grow each time I do. Please build my trust, my trust in You.

Holy Spirit, take my pride, humble me and be my guide. First comes pride, and then the fall. Let me pride in You, or none at all.

Holy Spirit, make me bold, to spread the news, the scriptures bold. To speak out loud, to those that hear, our God is love, they must not fear.

Holy Spirit, this I pray, fill me up this very day. To have the power, with You be strong, to make things right, where they are wrong.

Holy Spirit, let me shine, with Jesus Christ, this life of mine, that other souls will soon find out, what serving God is all about.



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