Prayer to Saint Josephine Bakhita

                                                                                      PRAYER TO SAINT JOSEPHINE BAKHITA


Saint Josephine Bakhita, as a child you where kidnapped and sold into slavery. You suffered the pain of being forcefully separated form your parents, loved ones and homeland. Now that you  have found peace with God in the heavenly home, we entrust into your care all those who are kidnapped and sold into different forms of slavery in the modern world today. intercede for them and keep them safe from torture and death. Touch and change the heart of all those who exploit innocent people for selfish gain. Give hope and courage  to the parent and loved ones kidnapped persons. Obtain for them the grace to recover their missing ones and spiritual strength in their moment of distress. Through your powerful intercession, may all those who have the responsibility to protect  innocent live be inspired by the spirit of the Gospel f Truth, Love and Justice. Amen. Saint Josephine Bakhita, pray for us to end trade and human trafficking.

( by Father Martin Ichoku )












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