Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus


                                                                                PRAYER TO THE SACRED HEART OF JESUS



O Sacred Heart of Jesus, Fountain of Eternal Life, Your Heart is a glowing furnace of Love. You are my refuge and my sanctuary. O my adorable and loving Saviour, consume my heart with the burning fire with which Yours is aflamed. Pour down on my soul those graces which flow from Your love. Let your Heart be united with Yours. Let my will be conformed to Yours in al things. May Your Will be the rule of all my desires and actions. Amen.

Lord Jesus, let my heart never rest until it finds You, who are its centre, its love, and its happiness. By the wound in Your Heart pardon the sins that I have committed whether out of malice or out of evil desires, Place y weak heart in Your own Divine Heart, continually under protection and guidance, so that I may persevere in doing good and in fleeing evil until my heart breath. Amen.

O most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Fountain of every Blessing, I adore You, I love You and with true sorrows for my sins, I offer You this poor heart of mine. Make me humble, patient, pure and wholly obedient to Your will. Grant, good Jesus, that I may live in You and for You. Protect me in the midst of danger, comfort me in my afflictions, give me health of body, assistance in my temporal needs, Your blessing on all that I do, and the grace of a holy death. Amen

Sacred Heart of Jesus, today I wish to live in You, in Your grace, in which I desire at all costs to persevere. Keep me from sin and strength my will by helping me to keep watch over my senses, may imagination, and my heart. Help me to correct my faults which are the source of sin. O Jesus, through Mary, Your Immaculate Mother. Amen.

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